A couple of weeks ago, I got a beautiful new bicycle from Bobbin. I can't tell you how much I love cruising around on this little beauty. I also got the white rectangular basket to cart around all my Mengsel orders to the post office. 

I picked the Brownie model in navy blue and I'm calling her Bebe (short for Bobbin Brownie). All of a sudden it is so quick to get to places where I usually would have to take a bus or train. I live SO close to Wimbledon Village, but the public transport to get there is awful. With Bebe, I can be in Wimbledon Common quick quick.
Now I just need one of these stylish retro helmets. I'm still using @endurancehero's old helmet from 1992. 
Bring on Summer!
Top image: At the Dog & Fox in Wimbledon Village (photo by my lovely friend Louise)

What a beauty!

Parked in front of my home

Love this town!

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