The Bialetti stove top coffee machine was invented in 1918, when Alfonso Bialetti returned to his native Italy from France, where he had worked in the aluminium industry, to start a small workshop manufacturing metal household goods.

Its sleek geometric look has made it a design classic and this is where I took inspiration for my limited edition Moka Express Coffee Pot silkscreen prints. The beautiful angles of this design icon inspired the pattern. I love playing around with different colours in my print studio!

The Moka has become a symbol of Italy and the way Italians enjoy their coffee. Nine out of ten Italian homes have one! There is definitely a pleasure to be taken from the process of using a Moka Express. Turning on the stove and waiting for that characteristic gurgling noise and fresh aromatic coffee smell. 

Mmm, just smell that fresh brew...

Sea Green and Steel Grey Moka Express Prints for a modern and minimalist home 

Morning Rituals in the Kitchen

Pulling bright firetruck red ink through the screen and onto paper in my studio.

Moka Express prints are framed in top quality box style frames made in the UK. Available in white or black. Just add to your order

This brewing method is perfect for Italian inspired deserts like affogato!


Detail of a signed limited edition Moka Express Print in Sea Green

Detail of the beautiful angles of a Moka Express Coffee Pot in brushed metal

Moka Express Coffee Pot Prints are available in Slate Grey, Neon Pink, Sea GreenFiretruck Red and more. BuyHERE

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