In the studio: printing "Crocodiles"

I have a new design: "Crocodiles"! Had a lovely day in the studio on Friday printing my hand drawn illustration. 

"Crocodiles" are available in two colours:

Black (edition of 30 prints)

Green (edition of 45 prints)

It feels good to play with ink and paper again and I'm very happy with the bold, graphic result. Here's a couple of images of studio work...

My ink drawing being prepared for the exposure table with sunflower oil. The black and white transparency will now be exposed onto the emulsion covered screen inside the darkroom.

After exposure, washing out the positive areas of the screen where the ink will be pushed through.

The lovely green ink is now mixed and ready to by applied through the screen and onto crisp white paper. 


All lined up on the drying rack.

"Crocodiles" edition of 45 print in green available HERE

September 08, 2014
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