I love sharing the process of creating my limited edition fine art prints.

Here is a little corner of my sketchbook where I've created my latest print "Flower Heart". I was inspired by the geometric shapes found in colourful Fynbos flowers of South Africa. My drawings kind of take on a life of its own and I'm not quite sure what the final outcome will be, which makes it exciting!

I mostly with black markers and fine liners over a rough layout of pencil in my sketchbooks. Below, you can see how it started out...

After my drawing is complete, I scan it and tweak it in Photoshop and Illustrator to get just the right amount of graphic texture. Next, I get the template ready to be exposed on a mesh screen in the dark room. After exposure, I wash out my screen to reveal the design through the mesh. 

I always look at the latest colour trends and magazines before deciding on colours. At the moment I'm loving the soft tones of Pantone's colours of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

After I've achieved the perfect colour that I want for the print, I'm ready to apply the freshly mixed ink to my screen. I put the paper in position underneath, which is kept in place by a vacuum table. A squeegee with a metal handle and rubber blade is used to coat the design with ink. I press down hard and pull it towards myself to put pressure through the screen onto the paper. 

After printing, I hang them all up to dry. For this edition of Rose Quartz Pink, I printed 30 fine art prints on 300gsm Snowdon Paper in a 50x 40 cm size. Afterwards, I sign, number and date them for the edition.

I also printed an edition of "Flower Heart" in Serenity Blue. I love this colour!

These prints really make great Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or "Just Because" Gifts. Framed with the greatest care in Black or White with 23mm square mouldings. I also added a Black Edition for the monochrome decor fan!

Buy online: Framed Option for UK Mainland Delivery only. Unframed Option for Worldwide Delivery.

"Flower Heart" Print in Rose Quartz - Limited Edition of 30

"Flower Heart" Print in Serenity - Limited Edition of 20

"Flower Heart" Print in Black - Limited Edition of 20

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