When Etsy customer Erica asked me to print a custom colour of my Leafy Heart design for her new baby girl's bedroom, I was thrilled. I've been looking at the colours of macaroons recently (yum) and working with the colour swatch that was given to me, knew that this colour could have only one name: Macaroon Pink. Here are some  beautiful images and recipes of pink macaroons plus an introduction to my new Leafy Heart print (signed edition of 30). Learning how to make them is definitely on my to-do-list. Available in the Mengsel Etsy Shop. Happy weekend everybody!

Leafy Heart silkscreen print in Macaroon Pink from Mengsel
Recipe for French Macaroons at this link
Strawberry macaroons with chocolate filling - recipe at The Daily Mail
Rosewater and vanilla macaroon recipe at Wasabimon

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