As a child, my sister and I had this Memory Game. I've always loved the images on the cards and couldn't believe my luck when I tracked down this image on Flickr! Apparently it is a vintage German memory game from the late fifties or early sixties, but I distinctly remember the cover of the box as being very 80s. Bizarre. I asked my Mom in Cape Town if the cards are still lurking around somewhere at the back of the garage (of the house that I grew up in from birth and my parents stil live in) and she said yes, it is still there. The box cover is in Afrikaans (Geheue Spel = Memory Game) and it is registered to a company called Waddington House of Games in London.

I think this card game is probably one of the big reasons for my love of simple, colourful illustrations with a mid century modern feel. Thanks Mom! Brings back a lot of memories...

image from veloopity's Flickr photostream

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