I have received SO MANY requests from customers for a smaller version of my bestselling "Moka Express" silkscreen print. Most people would love to have one of these in their kitchen, but with limited space in urban kitchens (especially in London!), sometimes the 70x50cm size is just too big for teeny tiny cooking/dining/living spaces.

So I have created a "Mini Moka" handpulled print just in time for Christmas! Coffee lovers (I'm one of them) will love this print, which is based on my original illustration of classic Italian Moka Express coffee makers. Each tiny coffeemaker measures about 4.5 x 2cm each and there are 42 of them on the print.

Silksreen printed in bright red and wedgewood blue and available in The Mengsel Shop and my Etsy shop. What's your favourite colour? Happy shopping!

10% OFF