My love of vintage homewares can be traced back to a high school girl wandering the streets of Cape Town, marveling at all the beautiful mid-century designs and wondering why the hell somebody would dump these beautiful pieces in a junk shop. Turns out, I'm not the only one.

As part of Tania from Indobay's "tag: your're it!" concept of blogging about other Papernstitch sellers, my shop of choice is the vintage shop of Rachie's Place. I was actually tagged in this blog postby lovely fellow South African (currently living in sunny California) Silvana Ferreira from Leefee Design. Sharing exhibition space with Mengsel on Paperntitch this month, Rachel Hare Mason from Kansas City's vintage shop is filled with amazing treasures. What is so great about the Rachie's Place etsy shop, is that each item is lovingly sourced with a brief history of each piece. I think that is why I love vintage pieces so much: the story behind it and its journey. Buying vintage and combining them with new pieces can really bring some personality to your home.

I also discovered the Rachie's Place blog. Here are a few of my favourite items from the shop:

Vintage 1971 Green Thermos by King-Seely Thermos Company. Love the graphics, colours and Scandinavian aesthetic. 

Another bright red vintage thermos from the same company as above. All the pieces are in really great condition. 

Vintage Chadwick Diet Scale. I'm actually more interested in the graphic illustration on the packaging!

Braniff International Airways were in operation from 1928 through 1982 and this little plastic coffee pot were used onboard to serve passengers.

Milk Bottle from Valley Farm in St. Louis. "Tones up your system". So funny. Would look great with a single long stemmed flower in it.

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