say hello to new stockist Elphick's

Yay! Mengsel has a wonderful new stockist. Elphick's is a gallery set up in 2007 by the artist Sharon Elphick. The gallery is located on the very eclictic Columbia Road and showcases limited edition prints by British artists alongside Sharon's own beautiful work. A selection of Mengsel's hand pulled silkscreen prints are for sale in the gallery (framed and unframed). Elphick's stocks work by amazing artists such as Bianca Gomez, Charley Harper, Marcus Walters, James Brown and Lisa Jones. A beautiful space to visit...

You can visit Elphick's at: 160 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG and get more info about the gallery HERE

October 03, 2011

a week of interviews

August started off great for Mengsel, with two interviews on two fantastic blogs. If you've ever wondered what makes this head of mine tick, this is the best way to find out. The first interview was for my favourite South African interior magazine VISI's blog. You can read the VISI interview HERE.

The second interview was for my wonderful UK stockist, Heal's. The iconic store's blog has a section called Heal's Reveals which has featured amazing designers including Lisa Stickley, Donna Wilson and Rob Ryan . You can view the Heal's interview HERE.

"hotel londres" limited edition print in clementine & patina

Ever wondered where birds stay when they go on vacation? Hotel Londres! The luxury London hotel for birdies on holiday. Bright and colourful, just how I like it. Limited edition of 50 in a A3 size printed by hand in bright clementine and patina on 200gsm acid free Fabriano paper.

Available here in the Mengsel Shop...

in the press: visi no.55

I've been a fan of South African interior magazine Visi for years and years. Was so happy when my South African stockist, Paula van Niekerk from Vamp Furniture in Cape Town let me know that my "Retro Roosters" silkscreen print in buttercup yellow made a little cameo in an article about their fabulous shop! I can't tell you how fantastic it is for me to get all the best magazines (total junkie!) on my ipad via Zinio. Just amazing. This whole issue of Visi focused on wood and is a great read.

The "Retro Roosters" silkscreen print in buttercup yellow is also available here from the Mengsel Shop in an A3 size and A2 size. Also available apple green and bright red. Retro love!

Retro Roosters silkscreen print in buttercup yellow.
Freshly printed Retro Roosters drying in my studio.

new moka express colours

If you've had an eye on my shop over the last week or so, you would've noticed that I have some brand new colours from my Moka Express prints in a new A2 size format (59.5cm x 42cm = 23.42 inches x 16.53 inches). You can even leave a little note for me when purchasing, if you would like me to trim the print down to fit a 50x40cm frame, as there is enough white space around the printed area for custom framing.

Great for bringing a pop of colour to your kitchen or a wedding gift for a lucky friend. Hope you like?

Available in the Mengsel Shop and my Etsy shop.
Denim Blue Moka Express silkscreen print

Neon Pink Moka Express silkscreen print

Charcoal Moka Express silkscreen print

ultramarine and sky

Introducing a new colourway for my "Swans" graphic silkscreen print. Bright ultramarine and soft sky are two blue hues that compliment each other perfectly. Hand pulled in my studio on bright white 220gsm paper. Limited edition of 50. This design is also available in the combinations of emerald/mint and bright red/hot pink.

Swans are such elegant, graceful creatures and I love simplifying these shapes to create a balanced, colourful image.

Have a look in my Etsy shop for more details. Hope you like all of these bright, happy colours...
(Flowers from my lovely friend, Laeticia)

once upon a time

We are now exactly two weeks away from the biggest event of the year here in the UK. Yes, the holy matrimony of Wills and Kate (in case you haven't heard). The excitement here in London has almost reached fever pitch, with all of the shops filled with Union Jacks and Royal memorabilia. On the morning of the wedding, I will be getting on the Eurostar to Luxembourg via Brussels, so I will miss out on the big event. Maybe I'll record the whole thing on Sky? Will you be watching?

Anyway, as cheesy as Royal memorabilia can be, there's some pretty sweet and quirky things out there on Etsy to celebrate the special day.
William and Kate Royal Wedding Commemorative tea towel by Taylors Type at Etsy

Royal Party Parade Tape by Belle and Boo at Etsy

Royal Wedding Breakfast tea towel - neon pink

Westminster Abbey Cushion by Helena Carrington at Etsy

love bird commemorative tea towel by Heartzeena at Etsy

in the studio

Yesterday, I went to the studio to print a second edition of my very popular "Tiny Towers" print and decided to play around with the camera and also show you guys more of my work process. My studio is a shared space in Kew Gardens, West London. It is a really lovely spot and I drive through Richmond Park to get there from my home near Wimbledon. What I love most about screen printing is the quality and intensity of the colour on the paper and that each print is truly unique. Hope you enjoy this blog post and that it will give you a better idea of what I do!

I printed the first orange layer of the Tiny Towers design the day before. 

I always mix my own acrylic ink with screen printing medium and it takes a while to get the perfect balance. I love playing with colour!

The pink ink of the second layer is spread over the exposed photo stencil on the mesh screen. With a second firm pull, the ink is forced through the fine mesh and onto the paper.

A clear Mylar sheet is taped to the printing table. The first pull of ink with the rubber squeegee goes directly onto the clear sheet and this will act as an indicator where to place the paper underneath the screen.

After the ink has gone through onto the paper, the hinged mesh frame is lifted.


Hello freshly printed second layer of "Tiny Towers".

Carefully hang them up to dry. No smudges and inky fingers!

Wash out all of the ink in the mesh screen with a power hose and leave to dry. 

Messy shoes. Messy floor.

This is me in my happy place.

"Tiny Towers" framed and ready to be displayed in your pretty home.

 "Tiny Towers" can be purchased online in my Etsy shop. Click here to view the listing. Also available in a blue and lime colour combination

this image makes me think of my "manor garden" print

"steeple chase" - image from
The image above is the original ink illustration that I did for the screen template for "Manor Garden". The hand pulled silkscreen print is available in my Etsy shop in forest green and bright red. Maybe I should do a black or grey version? You can have a look at the original prints here.

colour of the day: olive green

Freshly printed: an olive green version of my "Whale" hand pulled silkscreen print. The little grey whale is floating on top of a sea of olive green pattern of graphic waves. Also available in delft blue and black.

You can check out this playful, happy print at the Mengsel Shop and Etsy.