yay! time for wimbledon tennis again!

One of the best things of living in Wimbledon is the tennis at the Lawn Tennis Club every year. Wimbledon village is buzzing with Londoners and visitors from almost everywhere. The pubs are overflowing and the Pimms are flowing! Who do you think will lift the trophy this year? Will Nadal hang on to the coveted silverware?

JFK and Jackie playing tennis. Image via aspiringkennedy.com
Tennis Matches. Image via piccsy.com
Wimbledon tennis poster from Vintage Fine Art Prints
Legends: Bjorn Borg & John McEnroe. Image via dailymail.co.uk

woodbridge, suffolk

Last weekend, we went to a beautiful wedding just outside of the seaside town of Woodbridge, Suffolk. We had a wonderful stay at The Quay House and I spotted lots of cool boats (I know I'm obsessed).

June 12, 2011

Meet Ben & Pepper, Luxembourg

A few weeks ago, I went to Luxembourg for the bank holiday with my husband and a bunch of friends. Just so happens that one of my newest stockists, Ben & Pepper is located in Luxembourg and this gave me the perfect opportunity to meet the creative minds behind one of the city's exciting new homeware boutiques. Benoit and Pepper were incredibly nice and let me take pictures of the store (not completed yet - will open in a couple of weeks) and they even showed me around Luxembourg a little bit.

I just love all the gorgeous vintage and upcycled touches combined with the best new textiles. Especially the beautiful pieces from Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild. It really is a wonderful space close to the Old Town Centre. Can't wait to see it when it is completed and I wish Benoit & Pepper all the best in their new venture. More info at their website: www.benandpepper.com

wish list: our workshop

Our WorkShop is the place to come to find beautiful, interesting and quirky design gifts. Formed by London graphic design duo Pui Lee and Gemma Stanton Love everything about this site. My favourites: 

London Tray by Swedish illustrator, Maria Holmer Dahlgren

Small Apple storage container for your bits and bobs.

Vintage Palissy Coffee Pot from the 1970s

Vintage Turi "Market" Design Coffee Set from the 1960s. 

Mango Wood Bowl, made by hand.
April 14, 2011

ski bunny

Going on a very last minute ski trip to Meribel, France for one week in a couple of days. I'm definitely not a pro skier. Don't laugh, but I've been looking at ski instructor video clips on YouTube to prepare myself to not actually ski off the side of the mountain and come back with broken bones. I've been once before, so everybody's telling me that the second time will be a major improvement. Fingers crossed. Last time, I was in tears and hiked all the way back to the chalet and stuffed my face with cake to ease the pain. It was only on the last day that I actually found my groove and got the chance to actually look around at the stunning scenery. Very excited! Last year, I loved all the vintage ski posters in the restaurants and bars. Found some great posters at Snow Ski Posters.

oh patti

On our weekend away, I read my first book on my brand new Amazon Kindle. It really is a joy to read. I read the legendary Patti Smith's memoir, Just Kids. Such a great story of an artist finding herself in 1970s New York. The book focuses on her relationship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and how they ended up from being practically homeless to successful artists, each in their own right. I love her boyish, bohemian style and she is still making music today.

Horses album cover (image: Electric Ladyland)
Photo: Last FM
Photo: Last FM
Photo: Last FM

accessories for my dream office/studio

London based Present&Correct is a constantly evolving store, obsessed with stationary. A selection of P&C products mixed up with handmade goods, vintage items and work by designers from all over the world. In a perfect world, I would have a perfectly organised desk and office space with everything in its place. These cool items make it seem less impossible. I want everything from this store!

arrow stencil 
1960s typewriter
desk rubber stamps
french airmail set
to/from arrow labels
letterpress action clips

Librarian Friday

I always feel like I'm dressing like a librarian.  A complete geek, I have to confess that I'm very happy when hanging out in a library and love the smell of old books and especially the peace and quiet. Some cute finds from Etsy and more. Happy weekend!

Library Card Notebook from crabappledesign at Etsy
Studio Julie skirt at Kate Spade
Vintage Black Buddy Holly Eyeglasses from comeuppances at Etsy
Prada Fall/Winter 2010 at Milan (image from famespy.com)
Trio of vintage self help books, mid-century classics by SunnyDay Vintage at Etsy

movie inspiration: The Village

With all the pretty new capes and coat styles for Winter, the trend for staying warm and toastie this Winter really made me think about the mustard yellow coloured hooded capes that the characters wore in the creepy M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Village. Bryce Dallas Howard and Joaquin Phoenix went berry picking in the woods, trying to avoid "those we do not speak of". Those villagers were way ahead of the trend back in 2004!

Joaquin Phoenix in "The Village" - photo from The Editing Room
Bryce Dallas Howard in "The Village" - photo from uk.movies.ign.com

Ash Grey Woollen Studio Cape from Zara

Vintage 1960s PLAY CHARADE Wool Cape in Celery and white Tweed Cape by Fabgabs at Etsy

Cape in Mustard Yellow, with Neck Tie by Margerydaw0 at Etsy