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Redfern Prints Surface Pattern Design Chloe Webb

I love connecting with fellow artists, illustrators and surface pattern designers and finding out more about their creative process and what makes them tick. 

The super creative and lovely Chloe Webb established Redfern Prints in Manchester to design and create patterns for interiors, fashion and products. Her beautiful Instagram also provides a lot of inspiration. Let's find out more about her work...

Tell us a bit about your design background. How did you develop your interest in surface design?

I studied Textiles at Manchester School of Art, with my specialism in screen print and woven fabrics. I guess I've always been creative though! My mum was a professional textile designer so I've grown up surrounded by creativity and art in our home. 
I was always the child that needed to be doing something; I couldn't sit still for long (I'm still a real fidget now) so would be given little tasks and projects to keep me occupied. I'd spend my holidays either silk painting, making paper or block printing, so I think part of me always knew I'd be an artist when I grew up!
Redfern Prints surface pattern design
What is your creative space like? How does it inspire your work process?
Before this summer, I would try and work wherever I could - kitchen table, dining table, my bedroom - however, that's now changed since moving in with my boyfriend in July, where I've got my own studio in our wonderful flat. Although I'm not the tidiest of people, I like my workspace to be clean and organised, otherwise I find it really hard to be motivated.

I always like to have inspiration and colour schemes for the current collection I'm working on, around me. I think surrounding yourself with pieces of artwork and beautiful books can also be a huge help, for times when you're stuck in a creative rut! My current go-to is 'The Monocle Guide to Better Living'; there are some amazing photographs in it!

How would you describe your print style? 

I like to think it's simple, subtle yet striking. I want to try and bring bold, statement shapes into the home, but using a more calming and neutral colour scheme. I'm hugely inspired by the stripped-back and rustic approach of Scandinavian design and therefore I hope my products portray this style, whilst also being fun and uplifting. 

What design trends and colours are you most loving at the moment?

I always love working with shades of grey and navy, however I'm absolutely loving dusty pink tones and pale mint green at the moment. You'll often find that there is some sort of mustard shade in my work as well - I was known as Colonel Mustard at University for my obsession over it!
I'm love tone-on-tone palettes within the home, as I think it's a really simple way to create an elegant and clean finish. I also think abstract wallpaper is incredible at the moment; it's amazing how one wall with a really bold design on it, can completely change the feel of your room. I'm super excited to announce that I've got a collection of wall murals launching this month, with, which draw huge inspiration from this trend. I can't wait to share the designs with everybody, so keep an eye on my social media for more information!
Surface pattern design by Manchester based Redfern Prints
How did you come up with Redfern Prints as your studio name?
Redfern is the maiden name of my Paternal Grandmother, and although I never met her, she is the family member I have always been compared to the most. Regardless of our similarities, she was a hugely inspiring and creative person and as I've always wanted my studio name to be personal, it seemed like the perfect fit!
What can we expect from your upcoming Art Print collection and when it will be released?
'The Signature Collection' will be released around October time (date to be announced soon), and will be a selection of our four original designs. Each one will be hand screen printed on Premium quality paper from our Manchester-based studio. Prints will be available to purchase through our website, as well as a range of independent stores in the North West area. 
September 13, 2017
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