Oh my goodness, I don't quite know how this happened - I haven't blogged in WEEKS! A bit out of touch after spending more time on my new designs and products and I've kind of been in this weird groove. Time to snap out of it!

Something that made me snap out of it: spotting my "Bigger Boat" silkscreen print in sunny yellow in the August issue of ELLE Decoration. It is only a tiny little picture in the magazine (hope you can spot it!), but it means the world to me.  I just absolutely love having a subscription to my favourite interiors magazine and when I hear that magazine going through my front door post box, I literally run down the stairs and devour every single page.

Author Josie Curran lives on a gorgeous houseboat in Surrey and bought the print from me last year and it now resides in the main bedroom. I really love seeing my prints in my customers' homes and how it becomes part of their own unique style.

More about Josie Curran, her work and home at her website. The "Bigger Boat" silkscreen print in yellow costs £40.00 plus p&p and is available here from the Mengsel Shop.

P.S. Mengsel customers out there - I would LOVE it if you send in pictures of my prints displayed in your home to mengseldesign@gmail.com

"Bigger Boat" silkscreen print in yellow. 

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