For my new limited edition silkscreen print "Bumblebees", I was inspired by the beautiful hexagonal patterns of honeycomb. 

The GEO trend is not going anywhere!

Wall storage in honeycomb shapes by Finnish brand Luona. Who needs boring squares?

Australian Style Blogger Kate Waterhouse in a little black dress with honeycomb pattern cutouts.

Simple white honeycomb shape tiled backsplash in this Scandi Kitchen.


This amazing 1950s home in Morocco's bathroom is lined in Popham Design's Hex Long Shadow. 

Delicate Frame-Hexagon necklaces by Wanderlust + Co

"Hex Boxes" by Sydney based design studio Evie Group

Variations on the hexagon pattern by Marrakech Design


Two little buzzing bumblebees surrounded in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern.

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