A few pics from my trip to Luxembourg. I walked up all the way to the financial district of the city to go to Modern Art Musem, MUDAM. And what a beautiful walk! A zig-zagging, winding road up the hill. Barely 5 minutes walk out of the old town city centre and it feels like you are in the woods. The MUDAM building in itself is a piece of art. The ultra modern building is surrounded by the remains of an old town fort. I spent a lot of time in the wonderful gift shop and the museum cafeteria is designed by none other than the Bouroullec brothers. I took 650 photos in the 4 days that I was in Luxembourg, so just bare with me. My visit to MUDAM...

getting there - winding cobblestone path in beautiful tree lined area
on the way - I DO love a tiny tower!
MUDAM - old + new
exterior staircase
WANT this bookcase
ply wood sitting area
ply chairs

top view of Daniel Buren installation
Daniel Buren installation - colour = light
kaleidoscopic ceilling
this amazing installation emphasizes certain architectural characteristics of the building

museum cafeteria by the Bouroullec brothers

something to nibble on
the way back - more old + new bridge

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